The Symmetry theme comes complete with four presets included when you install to your store. You can take these presets for a test drive here:

Beatnik | Salt Yard | Chantilly | Duke

Each of these presets can be selected once you've installed the theme in your store, simply by selecting from the Preset dropdown in your store admin; Themes > Theme Settings. Select a preset and hit save!

Now that the theme is applied to your store, you can start customising it to match your brand.

General settings:

You can use one of the hundreds of Google typefaces for your logo, or if you already have an image file, upload your image. Choose to show your logo above, below or on the same line as your search / cart information. This is useful if you have a wide logo that won't fit in the same row as the search / cart info. Adjust the space above and below the logo by changing the space values.

The theme looks best with a solid background colour, but it's also possible to upload a background image. Just be sure to check your site at various screen sizes and on mobiles if you choose to have a background image!


To use custom Google Web Fonts, go to and pick your font. On the instructions section it will show you the address of the font, e.g '' - just enter the font part (eg: 'Averia+Libre:700') here, select 'Custom' and the template will do the rest.

The base font sets your general text (paragraphs, descriptions) throughout the site. You have individual control over the typeface for headings, the store name (if not using a logo image) navigation main menu and the buttons, labels, tags and text in the header panel.

The 'global text sizes' is a really neat feature - set a minimum size (for paragraph text) and a largest size (the largest heading, known as an 'H1'), and the theme will compute all the heading sizes in between automagically, in uniform measure, ensuring a consistent display of typography throughout :)

In addition, you can override the sizes of selected fonts in the override section, just for fine tuning those special fonts that need a little extra love.

Our in-house typography expert has carefully selected text color options to keep things tidy.

Global colors and styles

Alter your store global and accent colors, buttons, icons and divider lines.

Header Panel

These controls are to style the top bar of your site, including the navigation / menu colors.

This diagram shows how each of these setting affect your header panel:

Store Messages

Setting store messages like "Free postage on all orders" is a great option to encourage your customers - shown directly under the menu you can choose to display 1,2 or 3 different messages and link them to any web page you choose. Why not add a single message; "SUMMER SALE NOW ON" and link it to your summer sale collection page?

Just remember for external links, you'll need to add http:// to the start of your web address.

Homepage slideshow

Up to 5 slides can be added to the homepage. Adding a background color will extend the row the slides sit on to the edges of the screen, in cases where visitors have very large monitors, or if you've chosen to disable the full width homepage in Advanced settings.

Adding overlay background colors is useful if you have very colorful slides, and the text overlay is difficult to read.

Homepage setup

A great new addition to our theme is the homepage row ordering. You can now, easily, place any content row in any order. Each row is assigned a letter, and by simply entering the letters, you can display each row on the homepage in any order you choose. Wonderfully flexible, and wonderfully simple, you'll get exactly what you need from the Symmetry theme homepage.

Want to add some video? Your Twitter feed? It's easy to do through Theme Settings > Text Row. You create a page, choose that page here to display the content, then add your custom embed code to the Custom HTML section. Choose to have it right or left, it'll drop into your homepage seamlessly!

Add stunning full width adverts

Feature your best lifestyle image of your products, by uploading a full width image - ideal size 1200px - 1400px. Add text over the top for an instant advert, and link it to your most important collection, all with just a few easy theme settings.

Homepage product rows - up to 60 products!

The Symmetry theme allows you to add three collections to your homepage, each one will display the first 20 products of each collection, in a slideshow manner. Don't forget, you can place these rows anywhere you want using the ordering function that's built right in!

Collections - display an image link to every collection right on your homepage

By simply creating a linklist in the navigation section of your store admin, you can automatically show collection images on your homepage, that link straight to the collections. There is no limit to the number you can show on the homepage either; have 20 collections? Show them all!

Super slide-down quick browse!

You can have a slide down panel for your collection page thumbnails, where visitors never need to leave the collection page to view the images, select variants and buy your products - take it for a test drive on our collection pages on our Salt Yard, Beatnik and Chantilly themes, it's the new easy way to shop!

Custom stickers

Add custom messages over your product thumbnails - unique to every product if you need to! Simply add a tag to your product/s like this:

meta-label-your custom text

Color the sticker in theme settings to match your store style. Stickers automatically show for products that are on sale, or sold out. Choose to show the stickers at the top, middle or bottom of your images. You can even make a setting to display when there are only 'x' left in stock!

Footer options

More adverts! You can add 1, 2 or three adverts to your footer, and have them display on every page, or just the homepage. You can also set the colors of your footer backgrounds. Finally, you can add more menu links, perfect for terms, privacy, policies, returns etc.